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We are looking for Thai Native Speakers who stay current with movies, TV shows, local pop culture, and have a passion for finding and correcting linguistic errors. You will research titles, characters, idioms, etc. to perform linguistic quality control for accuracy and cultural relevancy of content in your native language.

Education: Bachelor's Degree
Location: Bangkok Thailand
Job Type: Contract

• Thai Native speaker
• Robust editing/proofreading skills
• Strong link to the native country, knowledge of common phrase and slang
• Immersion in current culture including knowledge of television and film actors
• Good written/verbal communication
• Good Internet knowledge, desirable for navigating entertainment applications
• Strong attention to detail
• Strong teamwork skills
• Linguistic background, with an interest in proofreading
• Research skills

Desired Background
• Copy Editing Experience
• Blogging
• Multimedia Localization
• Marketing Translation Experience
• Subtitling Experience
• Software Linguistic Testing Experience

If you are interested in job, contact with your resume to kamolrats@sdl.com
Visit our website: http://www.sdl.com
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